Batch selection

Are there patient-specific differences in ITI outcome with different batches of the same FVIII concentrate?

Potential variation between different batches of a FVIII concentrate could affect how different patients respond to treatment. MOTIVATE aims to understand whether testing different batches of FVIII concentrate against a patient’s plasma in vitro prior to ITI treatment could identify the optimal batch for that patient, to increase their likelihood of ITI success.

Batch selection: Modified Oxford method batchselection image

Product-specific batch selection sub-study

Sub-study lead investigator Carmen Escuriola-Erringshausen

Carmen Escuriola-Ettingshausen

Director, HZRM Hämophilie-Zentrum Rhein Main,
Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany

MOTIVATE will assess the effect of batch selection on ITI outcomes in patients receiving ITI with plasma-derived FVIII document icon

What is needed for this analysis?

A blood sample of 3–6 mL at baseline and throughout the trial as needed